Room 2: Fixed vs flexible software QA process

We will be launching the first ‘Think-Group-share’ edition of our free webinar series on June 2, 2020 at 2pm CEST.

In this edition, all attendees have full control of the discussions, interractions & their choice rep per breakout room will be the voice on the post-discussion panel.

This is the topic for room 2;
Here, room members will be discussing on QA process being a one or multi-way street;

  1. What scenarion requires a stringent process?
  2. What scenario requires a flexible & dynamic process?
  3. Are there recommended tools that fit all or either of the above?
  4. Further comments or questions?

Feel free to jump right in on the discussion here and keep/take notes of points that stand out, to leverage on during the discussion come June 2nd!

Join the meeting on the scheduled date/time by clicking this link.