It's the second TGS on the Q4Q Free Webinar Series

Two rooms, the same amazing topic…but! Differing content.

This episode of ‘Think-Group-Share’ will be focused on disruptive tech today & ideas for the future of tech as well as how to adapt. In preps for the webinar session, think about tech advancements that were not in existence 5-10 years ago & what will most likely take over currently available tech or what the current techs will or are evolving into, including AI.

Take for instance, the company OpenAI which has just created a new language model called GPT-3 that looks like it will cause a paradigm shift in how we talk to AI systems and how they talk back to us. Initial results show that the new model will enable code generation just by providing natural language descriptions, chatbots who are capable of having long, deep and interesting conversations and the automatic generation of diverse content such as essays, poems, press releases and many more. Boris Cergol, Head of AI at Comtrade Digital Services has had the privilege of being invited to the closed beta of the model that is currently underway and will be sharing first-hand experience of working with it at the webinar.

Also, consider the possible influence of situations like covid19 on the future of tech and how it has sped up, delayed or triggered tech and digital transformation in more ways than we currently know.

Platforms like Airbnb, facebook, netflix and even zoom that are making so much impact without necessarily following the normal requirements like owning cars/venues/facilities, etc but are currently evolving. Also consider wearable tech, cloud tech, advanced robotics, etc.

Throw in thoughts of the future of work, how such AI/technological disruptions will influence or affect work, skills needed for such times and how to prepare accordingly.

Did we miss something worth focusing on? Tell us in the comments.

Looking forward to connecting with you on July 28th at 2pm CEST, don’t have your unique joining link, get it by clicking here.